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In 2013 the Legal Group EUCON joined TPA Global, the network of independent specialist providers from 60 countries. Transfer Pricing Associates is an independent professional service and solution provider of expert transfer pricing, valuation and customs services. Our membership allows us to be on the forefront of the best international experience and transfer pricing policies.

Legal Group EUCON organizes international forums and international competitions of investment projects. Representatives of our team are often invited to speak at various conferences, forums and round tables. For more details please check Events and News sections.

XIIІ International Forum “Polish-Ukrainian Business Days” – 2021

VI International Forum “Transfer Pricing and International Taxation – 2020”

XII International Forum “Polish-Ukrainian Business Days – 2020 

XI International Forum “Polish Business Days in Ukraine” – 2019

V International Forum “Transfer pricing and tax planning 2019”  – 2019

X International Forum “Days of Ukrainian Business in Poland” – 2019

IV International Forum “Transfer pricing and international tax planning – 2018″ – 2018

IX International Forum «Days of Polish Business in Ukraine» – 2018

VIII International Forum “Days of Ukrainian Business in Poland” – 2018

III International Forum “Transfer Pricing – 2017” – 2017

VII International Forum “Polish Business Days in Ukraine” – 2017

VI International Forum “Ukrainian Business Day” – 2017

V International Forum “POLISH BUSINESS DAY”  – 2016

IV International Forum “UKRAINIAN BUSINESS DAY – 2016

II International Forum “TRANSFER PRICING – 2016” – 2016

III International Forum “POLISH BUSINESS DAY” – 2015

II International Forum “UKRAINIAN BUSINESS DAY” – 2015

I International Forum “TRANSFER PRICING – 2015” – 2015

I International Forum “POLISH BUSINESS DAY “ –2014

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