Tax amnesty: a "window of opportunity" or another political manipulation? Yaroslav Romanchuk became a speaker of conference “Tax Amnesty: Coming Out of the Shadow” - EUCON 律师事务所从

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Tax amnesty: a “window of opportunity” or another political manipulation? Yaroslav Romanchuk became a speaker of conference “Tax Amnesty: Coming Out of the Shadow”

Yaroslav Romanchuk, attorney, EUCON managing partner became a speaker at the conference “Tax Amnesty: coming out of the shadow” by the newspaper “Legal Practice” (the name of the newspaper in Ukrainian – “Urydychna Praktyka”) held on the 8th of December 2021 in Kyiv.

The conference participants were seeking for the answers related to would be “windows of opportunity” for citizens of Ukraine and for the business in process of their incomes legalization. They discussed the goals of Ukrainian tax amnesty, possible risks and advantages for Ukrainians and business owners, as well as functioning of the direct and indirect control methods after the Tax amnesty etc.

In the first session named “Tax Clearance” Yaroslav Romanchuk first of all focused on the possible risks within the context of the Tax Amnesty for citizens of Ukraine living and working abroad, in particular those having their assets in Poland. The speaker drew attention of the listeners to the certain risks to raise after launching of the automatical financial and tax information exchange (CRS) in Ukraine after adoption of the bill on indirect methods of control over income and expenses of individuals etc.

According to the speaker, above all it is essential to consider the general portrait of Ukrainians abroad within the mentioned context. The expert differentiated business owners, expats, migrant workers, students and other residents.

Then Yaroslav Romanchuk made a review of the types of assets owned by our citizens in Poland. They are: shares in the property of legal entities, corporate rights, other types of movable and immovable property, property rights for the objects of intellectual property, art objects, antiques, jewellery, currency values etc.

The expert analysed the general types of incomes obtained abroad and outlined the legislative aspects of taxation thereof, in particular in regards to avoidance of double taxation. The speaker shared his view and forecasts about prospects of implementing of the Tax Amnesty for incomes obtained abroad, if it really will be granted, what outcomes are to be awaited and offered his advice on the measures recommended for our citizens to avoid unnecessary risks and issues.

Danylo Hetmantsev – Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Finance, Tax and Customs Policy; Mykhailo Titarchuk – acting Chairman of the State Tax Service of Ukraine; Igor Gaevsky – First Deputy Head of the State Financial Monitoring Service of Ukraine and others. The session was moderated by Rustam Kolesnyk, Editor-in-Chief of the newspaper “Legal Practice” (“Urydychna Praktyka”).