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XVIII International Forum „Polish-Ukrainian Business Days“: registration is open!

On November 15, 2023, the XVIII International Forum „Polish-Ukrainian Business Days“ will be held in Warsaw.

Once again, Warsaw will bring together entrepreneurs, representatives of business communities, government authorities, financial and non-governmental organisations, diplomats, government officials, top experts in various fields from Ukraine and Poland in order to become the epicentre for establishing a fruitful and constructive dialogue, business partnership between the Ukrainian-Polish business community as well as government and commercial institutions, and to create a reliable foundation for the future reconstruction of Ukraine. The event is aimed at supporting Ukrainian and Polish businesses in the context of the war in Ukraine to help improve trade and economic cooperation between the two neighbouring countries.

Within the framework of the XVIII International Forum „Polish-Ukrainian Business Days“ the following issues will be discussed:

  • retrospective, current state and future of trade and economic cooperation between Ukraine and Poland: high priority, potential and promising areas in the context of the ongoing war and reconstruction of Ukraine, achievements and problematic aspects;
  • analysis of Ukraine’s needs through the prism of the great reconstruction: opportunities for Polish business, in particular construction companies, participation in the restoration of civil, transport and critical infrastructure;
  • development and implementation of programmes for the reconstruction of Ukrainian regions with the participation of Polish business through the prism of the consequences of hostilities and the needs of local governments;
  • a range of opportunities to attract effective financial instruments for business from governmental and commercial financial institutions in Poland.

The forum participants will also focus on analysing various aspects of the peculiarities and needs arising from the relocation of Ukrainian and Polish businesses in Poland.

Organisers: Association of Ukrainian Business in Poland та EUCON Legal Group.

Under the patronage of: Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of Poland, PAIH

With the support of: Confederation of Builders of Ukraine;Polish Union of Employers of Builders (PZPB).

Export-import partner: “Ukreximbank” JSC

Date and time: 15 November 2023, beginning at 08:45 (Warsaw time).
Venue: Ministerstwo Funduszy i Polityki Regionalnej, Warszawa, ul. Wspólna 2/4 sala im. Grażyny Gęsickiej



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01.07.2023- 31.07.2023 01.08.2023-31.08.2023 01.09.2023-15.09.2023 16.09.2023-30.09.2023 01.10.2023-16.10.2023 17.10.2023-31.09.2023 01.11.2023-14.11.2023 15.11.2023
1 participant 80 PLN 120 PLN 160 PLN 200 PLN 240 PLN  280 PLN 320 PLN 350 PLN
3 or more pacipants 65 PLN 95 PLN 130 PLN 160 PLN 190 PLN 225 PLN 255 PLN













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