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EUCON and AUBP became information partners of the Polish Ukrainian Israeli Tech Summit 2022

EUCON Legal Group and the Association of Ukrainian Business in Poland became information partners of the Polish Ukrainian Israeli Tech Summit 2022, which took place on December 14 in Warsaw. At the event, attorney, managing partner of EUCON, chairman of the board of the Ukrainian State Bank Yaroslav Romanchuk, and attorney, partner, and head of the Warsaw office Andrii Romanchuk spoke.

Polish Ukrainian Israeli Tech Summit 2022 is a tripartite international conference with the participation of Polish, Ukrainian and Israeli experts, which became a platform for open dialogue and exchange of views on the development of a long-term strategy for the development of a “safe country” based on Israel’s unique technological experience. Officials of Ukraine, managing partners, directors of top technology companies, investors, representatives of venture capital funds, experts in IT, finance and law, public figures, etc. became the participants of the summit.

The event was organized by the Global Israeli Initiative, the Ukrainian Israeli Innovation Summit, and the Embassy of Israel in Ukraine.

During the speech on the topic “New legal instruments and technologies of conducting business in Poland and Ukraine”, Yaroslav Romanchuk and Andrii Romanchuk considered the advantages of the Polish market for foreign investors through the prism of an attractive labor market, strategic location, favorable conditions for investment and a developed business environment. The speakers emphasized that attention should be paid to the package of regional aid as support for new investments.

Regarding business relocation, the issues of stages, methods (registration of a new company, representative office, redomicilation), costs, consequences, advantages and disadvantages of the process, as well as legal forms of doing business in Poland are extremely important.

Mr. Yaroslav and Mr. Andrii listed the main tax rates in Poland and did not miss aspects of taxation through the prism of the implemented BEPS plan and its consequences.

The speakers drew the attention of the participants to the possibility of using financial instruments in Poland in the context of the planned EU allocation of 160 billion euros during 2021-2027, of which 125 billion will be allocated for additional financing, and 35 billion. – for loans.

Experts analyzed in detail nine types of funding attraction, the network of the startup ecosystem in Poland and its links, the most common problems encountered by startups when conducting business in Poland and when using financial instruments, the most difficult regulatory barriers for startups, the number of investments involved startups in Poland in 2021 and the cost of investments.

Mr. Yaroslav and Mr. Andrii spoke about the activities of the Ukrainian Business Hub in Warsaw and the complex services and opportunities that the hub provides to Ukrainian entrepreneurs and startups in Poland. Yes, the hub meets business needs to optimize time and resources, as entrepreneurs can get all the services they need in one place.

Speakers at the event included: Oleksiy Reznikov – Minister of Defense of Ukraine; Mihael Brodskyi – Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Israel to Ukraine; Halyna Heilo – vice-president of the Association of Banks of Ukraine, president of the Association of Payment Systems of Ukraine, member of the board of AUB; Roman Gold – managing partner of VentureIsrael; Yohev Samina – CEO of WorkNest; Dov Moran is a well-known Israeli entrepreneur, inventor and investor; Boaz Inbal – CEO of Innovation Centers; Yehor Ashuyev – CEO of CyberUnit.Tech and CyberSchool.Tech; Konrad Weisk – vice president and co-founder of Soda; David Kamil Rozek – founder and CEO of; Svyatoslav Vakarchuk – Ukrainian singer and public activist, etc.

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