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About the firm

EUCON Legal Group has been providing legal services in Ukraine and Poland since 2006.

We already got our brand awareness and became one of the leaders in the field of taxcorporate, land, labor law and transfer pricing, gaining recognition of authoritative international and domestic ratings.

EUCON experts guarantee effective complex services and client-oriented strategy since we are following with attention the recent developments and have unrivalled knowledge in different sectors of Ukrainian and Polish markets.

OUR VISION: create a modern legal hub to meet the business needs of the eu and the eastern partnership when entering foreign markets.

Our team provides services on the most complex issues of taxation, transfer pricing, corporate, land and agricultural law, business structuring, dispute resolution, asset protection, combating financial fraud and corruption, compliance, project financing and tax planning with intangible assets.

The EUCON team is an association of professionals: lawyers, attorneys-at-law, auditors, tax advisers, transfer pricing professionals, accounting and tax consultants. Adhering to a synergistic approach is our competitive advantage and enables us to produce comprehensive and effective solutions to meet our Client’s aims. 

Our clients are top international and Ukrainian companies being leaders in oil and gas, energy, food industry, agribusiness, agriculture, telecommunications, trade, transport, finance, metallurgy, chemistry, construction, hotel business etc.


  • excellent results
  • satisfied customers
  • the well-being of every team member
About the firm

Our values are based on the principles

  • mutual trust
  • tolerance, empathy and care
  • high professional and ethical standards
  • supporting un sustainable development goals
About the firm

Our goal

is to ensure the provision of the highest quality services in the shortest possible time, achieving the prosperity of our customers through the use of the most effective and innovative methods and tools

Our mission: we convert our clients’ trust into effective solutions, in particular:

  • we adhere to the highest standards in working with our Clients and stakeholders on a daily basis
  • we hold international business forums and other educational events on an annual basis
  • we participate in development, improvement and public discussions of legislative initiatives
  • we foster professional culture and creating of young and promising professionals communities in Ukraine and Poland
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