Rules of the game: Yaroslav Romanchuk spoke about the peculiarities of entering the Polish market within the GO GLOBAL UA online conference - EUCON legal Group

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Rules of the game: Yaroslav Romanchuk spoke about the peculiarities of entering the Polish market within the GO GLOBAL UA online conference

On March 1, a specialized case online conference under the auspices of the Ukrainian Marketing Forum the GO GLOBAL UA online conference was held. Attorney, managing partner of EUCON Yaroslav Romanchuk became a speaker at the event, speaking on the topic “The biggest challenge for a lawyer: how to convince a Ukrainian investor not to take with him the rules of doing business in Ukraine when entering foreign markets and the market of Poland, in particular?”.

GO GLOBAL UA is an event aimed at sharing experiences, analyzing typical mistakes of Ukrainian entrepreneurs, various challenges related to entering foreign markets, which brought together representatives of Ukrainian businesses who have adapted to the markets of Poland, Romania, the USA, Mexico, Great Britain, and the Czech Republic, Slovenia, MENA countries, etc. The online conference participants heard from leading businessmen and marketers 15 stories of achievements, challenges and mistakes of Ukrainian companies in world markets.

The leitmotif of Yaroslav Romanchuk’s speech was a story about the way the company entered the Polish market: the speaker shared his own experience of entering the Polish market in 2006, talked about the “pitfalls” and difficulties, the peculiarities of the rules of doing business in the neighbouring country. Thus, EUCON became the first and largest association of Polish and Ukrainian lawyers.

Mr. Yaroslav spoke about practical cases of supporting the process of relocation of Ukrainian business to Poland, and also revealed the potential and opportunities of European markets, which became available in 2015. In addition, the expert will explain in detail what exactly makes the Polish market attractive for investment for entrepreneurs.

Another important issue was the impact of the war in Ukraine, which provoked a new wave of relocation and several problems regarding the organization of activities and functioning of companies. Yaroslav Romanchuk shared how his 8-year experience helps generate quick, effective, practical solutions for Ukrainian business owners. It was the analysis of business needs that became the catalyst for changing the concept of the company’s activities, turning it into a multifunctional legal hub where the client can get a set of services in one place.

In addition, the speaker also focused attention on public activities aimed at lobbying and protecting the interests of Ukrainian entrepreneurs in the Polish market, because it was for this purpose that the Association of Ukrainian Business in Poland was created.

Yaroslav Romanchuk raised a serious question regarding the aspects that Ukrainian entrepreneurs should pay attention to diversify risks, avoid unfortunate mistakes and be maximally prepared for entering the Polish market. For example, the most “painful” problems for Ukrainian business today are the complexity of the process of opening a bank account, obtaining special licenses from the National Bank, not declaring income, choosing a tax residency, submitting information about CICs, the mental difference in doing business in Ukraine and Poland, the important knowledge of the Polish language, etc.

Speakers at the event were Dmytro Borisov – founder of “Gastrofamily – Dmytro Borisov’s family of restaurants”; Yaroslav Prygara – CEO and co-founder of Remo. club, co-founder of Children of Heroes BF, ex-CEO of Sherp, Mercedes-Benz-Ukraine companies; Andrii Mitchenko – CEO of Ecosoft water filter production and sales company; Valentyn Hrytsenko – marketing director of the Ajax wireless security system manufacturer; Oksana Donets – co-founder of Gorgany and Turbat companies; Dmytro Kornilov – CEO and co-founder of the studio for creating Instagram/TikTok/Snapchat filters for business FFFACE.ME; Ihor Blystiv – marketing director and innovation director of the animal feed manufacturer “Kormotekh”; Inna Yarova – co-founder of the chain of coffee shops Dobro&Dobro; Pavlo Daniman – marketing director of Nova Poshta; Kyrylo Lazarev – CEO and founder of the design agency; Yuliya Knyazik – marketing director of the Lviv Croissants franchise chain of bakeries; Vadym Melnyk – entrepreneur-innovator, founder and CEO of Dronehub; Natalya Yaromenko – founder and CEO of Beauty Tech Corp., owner of LAMEL MAKEUP & LN Pro brands; Lora Polishchuk – head of the Nazovni development office; Vasyl Rosada – head of business development of Korter real estate search service.

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