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Agribusiness and Agriculture

EUCON Legal Group provides services to the representatives of agribusiness and producers of agriculture goods, particularly in the conditions of destabilization of the overall economic situation. Our clients are agro-holdings, producers of agricultural products and agricultural machinery, processors of agricultural products etc. EUCON experts have extensive experience in supporting purchase and sale agreements, mergers and acquisitions of large agricultural companies, working with investment funds and cooperation with major players in the agricultural market, as well as protecting agribusiness interests from raider attacks and seizures.

We have learned in detail the specific features of this market within our long term collaboration with agro-holdings in Ukraine and Poland, in result of which we’ve optimised our legal support services and made it more efficient and faster.

Our experts provide services as follows:

  • tax advice, full support during tax reporting and transfer pricing reporting for agricultural companies;
  • full due-diligence for agricultural enterprises;
  • optimization of the financial and tax model for agricultural company;
  • development of business strategy, corporate structuring and restructuring;
  • support within cooperation with investment funds;
  • monitoring of compliance with anti-corruption and antitrust laws;
  • protection of interests in resolving disputes;
  • settlement of land issues and real estate issues of agricultural enterprises;
  • restructuring of agricultural companies;
  • concluding land lease agreements;
  • development of the management mechanism for a company operating in agriculture;
  • support during acquisition and merger of agricultural companies;
  • support during land acquisition or lease agreements by agricultural holdings;
  • protection of agribusiness from raider attacks and seizures;
  • support to investment projects of agricultural companies, in particular the international ones;
  • support to agricultural company while entering a foreign market, including registration thereof etc.
  • Managing partner, attorney at law
  • Head of corporate practice
  • Head of tax and customs practice
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