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Financial instruments and project funding

Today Ukrainian business is more than ever interested in access to new financial instruments. The reason is that they impact not only the development of existing business, but also start-ups, strengthening the financial stability of enterprises and implementing new public-private projects, including construction, power production and infrastructure.

With experience in European jurisdictions, particularly in Poland, EUCON experts are ready to advise on attracting new financial instruments, adopting foreign experience, help attract finance to international projects, select the most optimal financial instruments for a specific business and provide support at all stages of project funding.

Our experts provide services as follows:

  • assistance in selecting a successful financial instrument according to business needs;
  • implementing of modern financial instruments in various business industries;
  • analysis of financial assets;
  • evaluation of the company’s preparedness for project funding;
  • development of individual financing schemes for a specific project;
  • support of project financing in the infrastructure sector;
  • support of project financing in the construction;
  • support of project financing in the energy sector;
  • risks assessment within the framework of cooperation with banks;
  • collecting and organizing the necessary documentation;
  • development of risk minimization strategy;
  • search for investors, partners and new instruments.
  • Senior partner, attorney at law
  • Head of financial instruments and project funding practice
  • Head of combating financial fraud and corruption, forensic investigations practice
  • Head of сompliance
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