On April 27, the XVII International Forum "Polish-Ukrainian Business Days" will be held in Warsaw - Rakamlarla Eucon

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On April 27, the XVII International Forum “Polish-Ukrainian Business Days” will be held in Warsaw

The synergy of Ukrainian and European societies has begun to show success on each of the fronts in the Russian war against Ukraine: the provision of necessary weapons, strong sanctions pressure on the aggressor, diplomatic consolidation, financial and economic support, cultural dialogue and, of course, cooperation of business communities form a chain of important factors and causes that convert into crucial support for the front line.

It is now necessary to continue to improve the dialogue with international partners by applying new effective communication tools to speed up the process of rebuilding Ukraine, facilitate the establishment of relocated businesses and attract foreign investment and potential reinvestment of Ukrainian businesses.

During its 9 years of operation, the International Forum “Polish-Ukrainian Business Days” has demonstrated its effectiveness as one of the largest and most important business platforms between Ukraine and neighboring Poland, bringing together representatives of the business community, financial institutions, diplomats, government officials and representatives of state organizations of Ukraine and Poland.

Once again, Warsaw will become a real hub for dialogue and cooperation between the business community to support Ukrainian and Polish businesses in Ukraine in the face of military aggression to improve trade and economic cooperation and establish business contacts in the Ukraine-Poland format.

The following issues will be discussed during the XVII International Forum “Polish-Ukrainian Business Days”:

  • retrospective and future of trade and economic cooperation between Ukraine and Poland through the prism of support instruments, including state, relocated Ukrainian and Polish businesses from Ukraine from Poland and the EU countries
  • support and restart of the Ukrainian economy: promising vectors of activity, innovative and alternative ways of reconstruction and sectoral development;
  • development of programs for the reconstruction of the most affected regions of Ukraine with the involvement of foreign experts, partners and investments;
  • a window of opportunity: available financial resources and instruments from Poland and the EU for Ukrainian business in Poland and Polish investors in Ukraine;
  • prospects for optimizing international experience in rebuilding and creating the most modern network of critical, transport and civilian infrastructure in Ukraine in cooperation with foreign partners despite the military realities.

In addition to focusing on the prospects for the recovery of the Ukrainian economy, the participants will also discuss the aspects of temporary relocation and support for businesses (both Ukrainian and Polish) in Poland.

Our motto remains the same: joint efforts and partnership are the key to victory!

Organizers: Association of Ukrainian Business in Poland and EUCON Legal Group

Strategic partner: PAIH.

Under the patronage of: Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of Poland.

Date and time: April 27, 2023, beginning at 09:00 (Warsaw time).

Venue: Ministry of Development and Technologies, Hall “Pod kopulą”, Three Crosses Square 3/5, Warsaw.

Participation is available in offline and online formats.







Number of participants from one company Payment period
02.01.2023-31.01.2023 01.02.2023-14.02.2023 15.02.2023-28.02.2023 01.03.2023-16.03.2023 17.03.2023-31.03.2023 01.04.2023-14.04.2023 15.04.2023-26.04.2023 27.04.2023
1 participant 80 PLN 120 PLN 160 PLN 200 PLN 240 PLN 280 PLN 320 PLN 350 PLN
3 or more pacipants 65 PLN 95 PLN 130 PLN 160 PLN 190 PLN 225 PLN 255 PLN














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