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XIX International Forum “Polish-Ukrainian Business Days”

We are pleased to announce that our annual event, the XIX International Forum “Polish-Ukrainian Business Days”, will be held in Warsaw this spring, on 25 April.

The event will traditionally become the epicentre for discussing the challenges, opportunities and prospects for cooperation between Ukraine and Poland.

The main goal of the event is to promote a fruitful dialogue between business and government of Poland and Ukraine, to develop partnership between the business communities of both countries and to create transparent and favourable conditions for trade and investment cooperation and the future reconstruction of Ukraine.

Representatives of government agencies, business community, local authorities, financial institutions, diplomats and experts from Poland and Ukraine are invited to participate in the event.

Issues to be discussed on the first day of the forum:

  • Overview of trade and economic cooperation between Ukraine and Poland in the context of the situation on the Polish-Ukrainian border.
  • Development of the latest dual-use technologies aimed at improving defence, security and economic growth.
  • The situation on the Polish-Ukrainian border and its impact on the development of the transport sector and border infrastructure.
  • Medicine and pharmacy as a potential and underestimated area of bilateral cooperation.
  • Financial instruments for business from governmental and commercial financial institutions in Poland and Ukraine.

Organisers: Association of Ukrainian Businesses in Poland and EUCON Legal Group.

Under the patronage of: Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of Poland; PAIH

Co-organiser: Business Centre Club

Date and time, first day of the forum: 25 April 2024, beginning at 8:45 a.m. (Warsaw time).

Venue of the first day of the forum: Centrum Konferencyjne Zielna, ul. Zielna 37 (budynek C), 5 piętro, Sala Warszawa+Berlin, Warszawa




Offer for partners

Participation fee 


Number of participants from one company

Payment period
03.01.2024- 31.01.2024 01.02.2024-15.02.2024 16.02.2024-29.02.2024 01.03.2024-15.03.2024 16.03.2024-31.03.2024 01.04.2024-15.04.2024 16.04.2024-24.04.2024
1 participant 80 PLN 120 PLN 160 PLN 200 PLN 240 PLN  280 PLN 320 PLN
3 or more pacipants 65 PLN 95 PLN 130 PLN 160 PLN 190 PLN 225 PLN 255 PLN

Contact person in Poland: Kateryna Grygorian, phone +48 22 658 10 25, e-mail: office@ukrbizpol.org.

Contact person in Ukraine: Olena Vakulik, phone +380 (44) 238 09 44, e-mail:events@euconlaw.com.












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