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Criminal Law/White-collar crime

Unfortunately, the phenomena of financial and administrative pressure from regulatory authorities, raiding and fraud remain a reality today. EUCON’s criminal law and economic crime experts have been providing qualified protection for businesses and business owners for more than 10 years.

Our experts are ready to protect the interests at all levels of owners of small and medium and large businesses, entrepreneurs, individuals, officials and high-ranking officials in cases of raids, pressure from government agencies, law enforcement actions, economic fraud and fraud, and as well as other criminal and economic crimes. In addition, the EUCON team also advises business representatives and company staff on the conduct of government inspections and interrogations, and develops business protection strategies.

Our experts provide services as follows:

  • protection of the rights and interests of suspects accused in criminal proceedings at various stages of criminal proceedings;
  • providing legal assistance to victims and witnesses in criminal proceedings;
  • providing verbal and written consultations, conclusions on legal issues in the field of criminal and criminal procedure law;
  • organizing and conducting a lawyer’s investigation;
  • detection and prevention of criminal risks associated with economic activities or individual business processes;
  • acquaintance with the materials of criminal proceedings and their analysis;
  • analysis of criminal risks;
  • protection against fraudulent and other illegal actions of debtors and other counterparties;
  • application of preventive measures against possible criminal risks and elimination of negative consequences of taking security measures in criminal proceedings (searches, exemptions, arrest of property, precautionary measures);
  • advising on management and staff on possible investigative and procedural actions;
  • development of a legal protection strategy;
  • acquaintance with the materials of criminal proceedings and their analysis;
  • appeals against illegal decisions and inaction of the investigator, prosecutor and investigating judge;
  • organization and support of independent forensic examinations;
  • protection of the rights and interests of suspects accused in criminal proceedings;
  • providing legal assistance to victims, witnesses in criminal proceedings;
  • escort during search, inspection, temporary access to things and documents;
  • appeal and cancellation of the seizure imposed on the confiscated property;
  • assistance during interrogation;
  • representation and protection during detention and the choice of preventive measures;
  • protection and representation during pre-trial investigation and court proceedings;
  • protection and representation during court proceedings;
  • advising and representing the interests of clients during criminal proceedings;
  • assistance in finding and recovering assets;
  • organization of internal investigations into alleged offenses.
  1. During inspections by state and controlling bodies our lawyers provide the following legal assistance:
  • development of a strategy of legal protection during the inspection at the enterprise, institution, organization;
  • preparation of applications, complaints, remarks, acts and other documents during the inspection;
  • advice (verbal and written), conclusions on legal issues, in particular regarding the inspection.
  • Partner, attorney at law
  • Head of Business Protection and Dispute Resolution Practice
  • Co-head of criminal law and litigation
  • Associate partner, attorney-at-law
  • Co-head of criminal law and litigation
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