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Intellectual Property

Nowadays management of intellectual property and protection thereof became an integral part of business strategy.

The team of legal practitioners helps clients to create legal conditions for the optimal use of intellectual property rights and increase their value, to build an optimal line of protection of their rights.

Our experts provide services as follows:

  • registration of objects of intellectual property rights (inventions, trademarks, utility models, industrial designs);
  • copyright registration for works of science, literature, art and computer programs;
  • preparation and support of agreements on the transfer of intellectual property rights (licenses, sale of rights, contribution to the authorized capital of a legal entity, franchise agreements);
  • legal support for inheritance of intellectual property rights;
  • legal support while entering amendments to registers of intellectual property rights;
  • legal support to the contracts related to use and/or transfer of the industrial property rights;
  • legal support to international patenting;
  • advice on taxation of transactions with intellectual property;
  • legal support of inspections of controlling bodies;
  • legal audit of intellectual property;
  • protection against unfair competition;
  • defense of rights on industrial property including before customs authority;
  • support of lawsuits on defense of intellectual property rights;
  • other consulting services on intellectual property issues.
  • Partner, patent lawyer
  • Attorney-at-law
  • Head of Intellectual Property Practice
  • Head of Antitrust/Competition Law Practice
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