"Europe of our dreams": Yaroslav Romanchuk and Andrii Romanchuk became speakers at the ECR Party Warsaw Summit held in Warsaw - EUCON legal Group

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“Europe of our dreams”: Yaroslav Romanchuk and Andrii Romanchuk became speakers at the ECR Party Warsaw Summit held in Warsaw

On December 2-3, Warsaw became the epicenter of the discussion of the Europe of the future, gathering government officials, officials, politicians, public figures, and industry experts from the entire European continent within the framework of the ECR Party Warsaw Summit, which was organized by the European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR). Attorney and managing partner of EUCON Yaroslav Romanchuk took part in panel discussions “How to ensure food security for Poland and Europe? Family farms as the basis of farming in the countryside” and “Europe – Poland – Ukraine: joint reconstruction”, during which attorney, partner, head of the EUCON office in Warsaw Andrii Romanchuk also became a speaker.

The participants of the large-scale summit, including, in particular, the Prime Minister of Poland Mateusz Morawiecki and the Prime Minister of Italy Giorgia Meloni, through the prism of the slogan of the event “Europe of our dreams”, discussed the perspective of the transformation of security mechanisms and defense capabilities of Europe, the impact of the war in Ukraine on the economic and political situation in the region and its consequences, cooperation efforts between Europe, Poland and Ukraine for the reconstruction of the country, the use of new technologies, the development of science, the issue of food security in the region and agriculture, tools for investment, strengthening existing and prospects for creating new European strong alliances, ways of solving energy problems and optimization of energy resources, restoration of cultural and sports potential, etc.

During his speech, Yaroslav Romanchuk outlined the situation regarding the export of grain from Ukraine, reinforcing the information by comparing pre-war and current statistics, and regarding the impact of the war on the agricultural sector and the export of agricultural products. The speaker emphasized that Ukraine was and is one of the most important participants in the market of agricultural products.

Separately, Mr. Yaroslav considered the issue of necessary actions that will help reduce the risk of a food crisis in Europe due to the war, which led to restrictions on the opportunities to conduct full-fledged trade between Ukraine and the EU countries. In this context, in the speaker’s opinion, fruitful cooperation between Poland and Ukraine in the direction of rebuilding the agricultural sector and the economy of Ukraine, in particular, is extremely important.

Andrii Romanchuk, together with the participants of the discussion, focused on discussing the first results of the reconstruction of Ukraine, which has already begun, Poland’s potential to become a leader among partners in the process of reconstruction, the importance of communication between countries in the process of preparing for large-scale post-war reconstruction, Ukraine’s provision of conditions for the development of SMEs, ways of motivating Ukrainians, who were forced to leave the country before returning after the war, etc. The speaker emphasized that a positive signal of Poland’s active involvement in the reconstruction process is the fact that 1,500 Polish companies have already expressed their desire to participate, but at the same time, foreign companies that want to enter the Ukrainian market should prepare to avoid possible mistakes. In addition, Ukrainians must be ready for the new reality and life through the prism of the European context. The participants of the discussion expressed a clear and unshakable position regarding the inevitable failure of the Russian attack and the mandatory holding of Russia to responsibility for the destruction and damage caused.

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