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Accounting, Tax Accounting and Tax Consulting

In today’s economic environment, where regulations are quite volatile, bookkeeping and tax accounting are increasingly associated with risks and difficulties.

Daily professional monitoring of the legislation of Ukraine, Poland and other EU countries, many years of experience in the field of accounting and qualified specialists in the EUCON team enables us to offer to our clients both comprehensive services and effective outsourcing of certain bookkeeping and tax accounting functions. Thus, we’ll help you with accounting and will assist in the development of accounting policies and strategies.

Our experts provide services as follows:

  • formation of the accounting policy of an enterprise;
  • primary documentation of business transactions;
  • payroll;
  • accrual and payment of taxes and mandatory payments;
  • preparation and submission of financial and tax statements;
  • preparation of management reports;
  • support during tax inspections;
  • restoration of accounting and tax accounting for previous periods;
  • recovery of lost documentation;
  • advising on accounting and tax accounting, as well as on the interpretation of legislation;
  • organization of the accounting system at the enterprise, the formation of accounting policies taking into account the specifics of the operation;
  • conducting comprehensive or thematic inspections of economic activity for any periods;
  • regular, operational audit of tax reporting;
  • assessment of the financial condition of the enterprise;
  • development of tax strategy, tax planning system based on the analysis of business processes;
  • representation of the company’s interests during in-house or on-site inspections;
  • assisting the company in recruiting staff for the accounting and tax accounting department.
  • Advisor, auditor
  • Head of accounting, tax accounting and tax consulting practice (Kyiv)
  • Partner, Accounting Consultant
  • Head of accounting, tax accounting and tax consulting practices (Warsaw)
  • Advisor, Accounting Consultant
  • Co-head of accounting, tax accounting practice and tax consulting
  • Chief counsel of the Transfer Pricing School
  • Partner, auditor
  • Head of transfer pricing practice
  • Co-head of accounting, tax accounting practice and tax consulting
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