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Combating financial fraud and corruption, forensic investigations

Corruption, fraud, abuse of power, raiding, bribery – all these negative phenomena are threatening increasingly frequently not only the business reputation, but also the existence of companies because of its unscrupulous employees or owners.

Therefore, today there is an urgent need to develop safeguards, sound corporate and financial strategies and management systems, legal control and monitoring, which is successfully done by the team of anti-financial fraud and corruption, forensic investigations of the EUCON Legal Group. Our experts are experienced in the timely detection of fraudulent and corruption schemes, establishing communication with government agencies, protection of interests during the judicial settlement of conflicts.

Our experts provide services as follows:

  • conducting an internal audit to identify forms of fraud;
  • investigation of financial fraud;
  • development of a risk management program;
  • communication with controlling services;
  • introduction of anti-fraud tools;
  • control over the preparation of financial statements;
  • analysis and management of fraud risk;
  • development of anti-corruption programs, regulations and orders on an authorized person for the prevention of corruption;
  • development of a system of corporate security and counteraction to corporate fraud;
  • conducting an independent assessment of the corporate anti-bribery and corruption system;
  • analysis and adaptation of internal documents in accordance with the anti-corruption legislation of Ukraine;
  • communication with the National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption regarding the review and approval of documentation adapted to the current anti-corruption legislation;
  • support in court settlement of cases in bribery, corruption and financial fraud;
  • countering the legalization of proceeds of crime;
  • combating misappropriation of property, forgery of documents and corporate espionage.
  • Senior partner, attorney at law
  • Head of financial instruments and project funding practice
  • Head of combating financial fraud and corruption, forensic investigations practice
  • Head of сompliance
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