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Labour & Migration Law

The current labour legislation includes a number of different acts that were adopted at different times in different socio-economic conditions, which make it extremely difficult to understand the basic mechanisms for regulating labour relations.

To avoid numerous problems that can arise at any stage of any company development it is advisable to formalize labour relations and complex tasks in a proper way. And this is of utmost importance in cases where the problems relate to labour migration, and especially in modern conditions.

We offer our clients legal assistance, taking into account both the existing needs driven directly by the company activities and the calls of effective business, i.e. from day-to-day personnel issues to strategic planning and risk management.

In addition, with experience in settling migration and legalization issues related to employment abroad, the EUCON Legal Group is always ready to provide professional assistance to both compatriots abroad and foreigners in Ukraine.

Our experts provide services as follows:

  • development of personnel documentation and bringing it in line with current legislation and internal policy of the company, namely: employment contracts and agreements; registration of employment contracts; development and registration of Collective Labour Agreements; development of job descriptions, staffing, regulations on structural units, orders, directives and other personnel documentation;
  • counseling on employment, wages, social benefits and guarantees, working and leisure time, dismissal, employment etc.;
  • counseling on mobilization: legal regulation of labour relations between the employer and the mobilized employee, the rights and guarantees of the mobilized, issues related to the mobilization of vehicles, liability for violations of legislation in the field of mobilization;
  • legal assistance in employment of foreign citizens and obtaining a work permit;
  • representation of clients’ interests in individual and collective labour disputes, in particular regarding equality and discrimination;
  • legal support for enterprise restructuring related to a change in the organization of production and/or labour, reduction, reorganization or liquidation thereof;
  • legal audit (due diligence) for companies on compliance with current labour legislation;
  • corporate governance and coordination of relations with officials;
  • occupational safety and health consulting;
  • assistance in the preparation of agreements on the protection of personal data and other documents, in particular agreements on cross-border transfers of personal data and processing of personal data by third parties and in bringing into compliance with the legislation documentation on personal data protection;
  • development of long-term incentive programs for top management, consulting and assistance in the introduction of incentive systems and option plans, taking into account international requirements and Ukrainian legislation;
  • assistance in changing the essential terms of employment contracts at the discretion of the employer in connection with organizational or technological changes;
  • recognition of dismissal as illegal and reinstatement in work or position of managers and other members of enterprises, institutions and organizations of any form of ownership and subordination;
  • establishing interaction with trade unions;
  • organization of trade unions’ operation;
  • assistance in obtaining a temporary and permanent residence permit in Ukraine and Poland;
  • assistance in obtaining an immigration permit and a Permanent Resident Card;
  • support in obtaining permits to attract foreign workers and legal assistance in matters of their employment;
  • assistance to non-residents in obtaining citizenship of Ukraine and Poland;
  • assistance in registering non-residents with migration registration;
  • assistance in extending the period of stay in Ukraine and Poland;
  • advising on non-residents’ inheritance;
  • consultation and support in resolving tax issues for non-residents;
  • creation of a legal entity in Ukraine and Poland;
  • protection of the interests of non-residents in court.
  • Senior partner, attorney at law
  • Head of financial instruments and project funding practice
  • Head of combating financial fraud and corruption, forensic investigations practice
  • Head of сompliance
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